Tearing open a Raritan D2CIM-DVUSB

I got a KX2-416 from a popular auction site on the internet a few days ago plus a cheap (seemingly unused to boot) D2CIM-DVUSB from another seller. The DVUSB arrived well before the 416 and I got curious, so I opened it up to see what makes it tick.

Top of D2CIM-DVUSB board Bottom of D2CIM-DVUSB board

After poking at it a bit, I found a few potentially useful doors into the chips and some circuit paths that look interesting.

Close up CD4053B and 24LCS22A

The chip on the left is a TI CD4053B (triple 2-channel multiplexer) and the one on the right is a Microchip 24LCS22A (2K VESA E_EDID Serial EEPROM).

U12<->U13 connections
U12 U13
A Com(14) SDA(5)
B Com(15) SCL(6)
C Com(4) VCLK(7)

So, it appears as though something wants to switch the EDID EEPROM between a couple of things.

I traced a couple of connections through to the VGA connector.

VGA<->U12 connections
DDC CLK(15) By(1)
DDC DAT(12) Ay(13)

It also appears as though the JTAG pins are brought out to unpopulated headers for both the AT90USB646 and the Altera EP2C5.

I'm waiting on some headers from the next state over to attach with some wirewrap wire to those ports.